Apply for a building permit

Whenever you construct, extend or modify a structure, you will need a building permit. This includes decks and verandas, extensions and renovations. Also included are brick or timber fences above a certain height.

In issuing a building permit, we make sure that your proposal will be structurally sound and meet all the regulations for fire resistance and health and safety.

We issue domestic and commercial building permits for projects within Banyule City Council and for projects located outside Banyule City Council boundaries.

How to apply

  • completed building permit application
  • supporting documents
  • copy of plans drawn to scale including: elevation plan, site plan, floor plan and section details
  • copy of title.

Building Permit Application

Standard requirements for a building permit application

Read the swimming pool permit application requirements(PDF, 105KB).

Read the building permit application requirements(PDF, 105KB).

Read the demolition permit application requirements(PDF, 81KB).

Please be aware following assessment of your application other documentation may be required.

Projects that include demolition work or changing a facade

If you are proposing to demolish a structure to make way for a construction project, you need to apply for consent before submitting your building permit application.

Apply for an S29 demolition consent