Asset protection request

Asset protection helps to keep our assets from becoming damaged during building works throughout Banyule. This permit identifies accountability for any repair or reinstatement of our damaged assets.

Our assets include, but are not limited to:

  • footpaths
  • nature strips
  • street trees
  • kerbs and channels
  • drains and pits
  • roads and right of ways
  • street furniture
  • signage

Getting a permit

Building works that require a permit

Common building works that require an asset protection permit:

  • construction of a dwelling, unit, garage, pool house or building;
  • demolition or removal of a structure;
  • extension to a dwelling;
  • additions or alterations to a dwelling;
  • construction or installation of a swimming pool or spa;
  • fencing with continuous concrete strip footing, brick or masonry fencing;
  • commercial or industrial development; and
  • structural or civil works.

Other building works may need a permit: if what you are planning is not listed, please contact us for a discussion.

Building works that do not require a permit

Common building works that do not require an asset protection permit include:

  • building decking or veranda
  • re-stumping, re-blocking or underpinning of a home
  • installing a pool or spa safety barrier.

Once we receive the application, we will inspect our assets surrounding the work site and report on their condition.


Without a valid permit, your building site may be in breach of our General Local Law 2015, and an infringement will be sent to the owner for failing to comply.

We will assume that our property was in good condition before building, and any damage was caused by new building works on your property.

Asset protection request form(PDF, 44KB)

Fee and bond

There are 2 payments required with an application.

Non-refundable permit fee

  • 1 frontage: $315.00
  • 2 or more frontages: $480.00

Security bond

The amount of the bond will be determined by what type of our assets surround your property. One of our inspectors will use a square meter to fee ratio to calculate the cost if we had to replace assets as a result of your construction works.

The bond must be paid and held until the completion of your building works, including landscaping and fencing.

We will inspect our assets near your work site, and a report on their condition will be included in your permit.

You may begin building work once you have received your permit.

Final inspection

Once building work is completed, you can request a final inspection by contacting us on 9457 9852 or

Any damage to our assets must be rebuilt to our standards.

Consult our standard drawings

Other permits requirements

During building works, you may need to occupy our surrounding property, for example the storage of equipment or materials.

This may require an additional work site permit.

Contact us

For more information, please contact our Building and Civil Works Unit on 9457 9852 or at