Planning applications on public notice

When we receive a planning application that may have an impact on the community, we are required to 'advertise' it. This advertising process is called 'Notice of application'.

This is done by:

  • mailing information to nearby property owners or occupiers
  • displaying a large sign (or public notice) on the site, or
  • putting a notice in the local newspaper(s) (for larger developments).

The application is on exhibition for public viewing, which gives you an opportunity to find out more, and comment or object.

Privacy of applicants

Under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 you may not collect the names, addresses and other information of applicants in this register to identify and market products or services to them. By continuing to view applications, you are accepting the conditions of use.

Planning Applications List

Published here is a list of all planning permit applications on public notice. Applications are advertised for 14 days, and any objections should be submitted during that period.

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