Accommodation businesses

Certain types of accommodation businesses must be registered with Council. These are referred to as ‘prescribed accommodation premises’.

Prescribed accommodation premises include:

  • residential accommodation, where a person can live for rent
  • rooming houses - 4 or more people renting one or more rooms
  • hotels and motels
  • hostels - primarily for the accommodation of travellers
  • student dormitories, associated with a school or tertiary institution.
  • holiday camps, used by for groups for recreational and holiday purposes.

Find out about eligibility requirements that businesses must meet: read our Prescribed Accommodation Premises Guidelines(PDF, 168KB).

Setting up a new accommodation business

It is important that the area for your proposed business has the right zoning and that the premises are suitable. Make sure you have all of the necessary building and planning permits. Contact customer service on 9490 4222.

As part of your application for registration, you must submit 2 copies of plans (drawn to scale) for approval by our Health Services Unit.

Plans Submission for Prescribed Accommodation Premises form(PDF, 101KB)

To enquire about registering a new prescribed accommodation business in Banyule, please contact our Health Services Unit on 9457 9965.

Buying an existing accommodation business

If you are buying an existing prescribed accommodation business, we can help you understand if it has been registered and meets the requirements.

Pre-purchase inspections

You will to organise a pre-inspection of the premises by Council's Health Services Unit prior to negotiating the purchase.

Pre-purchase Inspection of a Public Health & Wellbeing Premises form(PDF, 150KB)

Note that the consent form needs to be signed by the current owner, agreeing to release information.

Transferring business registration

If you proceed with the sale, you need to organise to transfer the business registration into your name. Contact our Health Services Unit to ask for an Application form for Transfer of Registration on 9457 9965 or