Amend or extend your planning permit

To propose changes to a planning permit and/or to endorsed plans associated with a planning permit you must apply for an amendment.

There are 2 ways to do this, depending on the extent of the changes.

Major changes: Section 72 Amendment

Any changes proposed to permit conditions, the permit preamble or substantial changes to endorsed plans, requires an application under primary consent, commonly known as a 'Section 72 Amendment'. This may also require public notification of the proposed changes.

Amend a planning permit under Section 72

Minor changes: Secondary Consent Amendment

Minor changes to endorsed plans associated with a planning permit which are not considered to result in material detriment or to impact on amenity can be applied for under a 'Secondary Consent amendment'. This type of amendment does not require public notification.

Amend a planning permit under Secondary Consent

Permit timeframes

A planning permit has a limited lifespan. Planning permits require the landholder or occupier to start works or a new use within a specified timeframe. Development planning permits generally require the development to be commenced within 2 years of the issue date of the permit and 4 years to complete it.

Extending a permit

You can apply to extend the timeframe of the planning permit. Your planning permit must be valid to do the proposed work.

More than one extension of time may be granted for a planning permit.

Expired permits

If a planning permit expires, you can lodge a request for an extension of either the commencement date or completion date.

Extending the commencement date

An extension to the commencement date can only be granted if applied for up to 6 months after the expiry date. If works have not commenced within 6 months after the 2 years of the permit issue date, the permit will no longer be valid.

Extending the completion date

An extension to the completion date can only be granted if applied for within 12 months of the completion date of the permit.

Extension of time to a planning permit

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