Starting a new food business

Starting a new food business may require you to obtain permits, licences or registration across our departments or from other organisations.

We can help you with:

  • assessing plans for the proposed works
  • compliance inspections
  • registration of your business
  • operating according to food safety rules.

Registering your business

Step 1.Tell us about your business

Our small business permit assistance form is designed to help you understand the relevant permits you will need from us.

Complete the small business assistance form

Step 2.Receive support

Our feedback will offer:

  • details on the supporting information needed to lodge a complete application
  • advice on aspects of your business idea that align with our policy and aspects that may introduce complexity at the application stage
  • business planning or support services.

Step 3.Risk classification

An Environmental Health Officer will contact you by email or phone to confirm your food business classification.

Step 4.Send us your plans

Generally, before you start your business fit-out, you need to send us a copy of your plans for review.

However, if you require language assistance or if this is your first business and have concerns you want advice on before you sign a lease, then we can inspect before you submit plans. Call us on 9457 9965 to arrange.

Submit your plans(PDF, 167KB)

Complete the form and email it to us at

Be sure to consult our Guidelines for Food Premises Design and Equipment(PDF, 116KB) and, if it applies, our Guide to Setting Up a Home-based Food Business(PDF, 476KB).

Step 5.Assessment

We will assess your plans and contact you within 10 business days to provide feedback.

Step 6.Training

Now is a good time to prepare your food safety program or guide, as well as get your food safety supervisor certificate.

Step 7.Inspection

Call or email us when you are ready for a registration inspection.

An Environmental Health Officer will visit your business on the date scheduled to work through our checklist of requirements.

Step 8.Registration and payment

If your business meets all requirements, then you are ready to apply for registration.

We will provide you with the application form in person, which you must complete and send to us with the relevant fee.

Include your food safety supervisor certificate and a copy of your company extract, if they apply to your business.

Step 9.Renewal

You will be notified near the end of each calendar year to renew your registration online.