Significant trees and vegetation

Learn how to make a nomination to our Significant Tree Register.

About the register

We are lucky to have many individual trees, groups of trees and areas of vegetation that have special significance. They include native and exotic plants that are of habitat value, are rare or unique to our area, are outstanding examples of their species or are of cultural or historical significance.

The current Significant Tree Register lists these trees and vegetation, and provides them extra protection under the Banyule Planning Scheme.

Steps to nominate

Step 1.Identification

Take note of a tree or vegetation that stands out to you as important and worth preservation.

We want to hear why you think so.

Step 2.Check existing controls

All trees have some sort of protection under our planning scheme.

Get more detail on current protections from VicPlan's online map or by calling our Development Planning team on 9490 4222.

Step 3.Images

Photograph the tree. Be sure that its qualities stand out as best you're able to capture.

You can submit 1 image with the nomination.

Step 4.Location

While not mandatory for your nomination, knowing the global positioning system (GPS) coordinates is very helpful for us to locate and assess your tree.

A common method to find a GPS location is to use an online map.

Zoom in on the map as close as you can, then click on it in the approximate place where your tree is.

Example of GPS coordinates found on Billabong rack in Macleod

This will display latitude and longitude numbers, for example: -37.711480, 145.072824.

You can cut and paste those numbers directly into the online nomination form.

Step 5.Nominate

You now have all the material you will need.

Nominate a tree or vegetation

Step 6.Preliminary assessment

Within 6 months, a preliminary assessment is undertaken on your nominated tree.

You will be notified of the outcome by email.

Step 7.Final assessment

To add a tree to the register, we must apply to the Victorian Government to amend the Banyule Planning Scheme.

These amendments are undertaken approximately every 4 years.

We will take a final look at nominated trees to check for any state of decline and to ensure we have accurate and current data at the time of listing.


For further information, please contact our Environment Team on 9433 7724 or at