Apply for a new planning permit

Each of the applications and requests published here have further detail you will need to know. Be sure to look at each to understand how they affect your plans.

Request pre-application advice

This early-stage feedback identifies potential design issues, and confirms what information will be required with any planning application.

You can request a meeting with one of our planners in addition to written advice.

Pre-application advice request

Start a permit application

You will need to apply for a planning permit before you begin a development project on your land.

Planning permit application

VicSmart: permit applications for simpler projects

VicSmart is a fast-track process for simple planning applications. Check the planning scheme and discuss your proposal with us.

VicSmart permit application

Development plan approval

Use this form to apply for a development plan approval.

Development plan approval

Neighbourhood character

Neighbourhood character is the way buildings, vegetation and the topography relate to each other to produce a visual sense of place, and this must be considered in your application.

Find your neighbourhood character