Food trucks and market stalls

Mobile or temporary food businesses and community groups that sell food at events must register with Council using Streatrader.

Businesses and groups that are registered can trade anywhere in Victoria. If you are planning to trade at an event, you must first submit your statement of trade to the relevant Council.

This applies to food vans and carts, market stalls and trailers operating at community markets, special or major open-air events, fetes, street stalls and cultural and community festivals.

How Streatrader works

When you apply for registration online, you nominate your ‘principal council’. The principal council is the Council where your food business prepares and stores food, stores equipment or garages a mobile food vehicle.

That Council reviews your application. If your application is successful you can trade anywhere in Victoria.

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Trading on Council land

If you are planning to trade on Council property, you need to ask our permission. For example, if your stall or event is to be located on a footpath. To discuss your plans, contact our Local Laws team on 9490 4222.

Food safety requirements

It is important that your business meets requirements for the safe preparation and handling of food. Those requirements are determined by the risk classification of your business. Most mobile and temporary food businesses are either Class 2 or Class 3 businesses.

If your business is a Class 2, you need to prepare a Food Safety Program: a plan that describes how the business will ensure that the food it sells is safe for consumption. For more information, go to Department of Health and Human Services Food safety program templates class 2.

If it is a class 3 business, you need a Minimum Record sheets: a simplified version of a food safety program. For more information, go to the Department of Health and Human Services Food safety guide for food businesses class 3.

Learning about food safety

If you are considering working in the food industry, try the Do Food Safely online food safety learning program. It’s free and includes 6 topics on food safety and a final quiz. If you score more than 90% on the quiz you are awarded a certificate. Go to the Department of Health and Human Services Do Food Safely assessment.

Community groups and food fundraisers