Book a hard rubbish or bundled branch collection

Residential properties can book up to 2 collections per year. We offer hard waste and bundled branch collections. Make sure your waste is ready for collection on the day booked. Waste should not be left on the nature strip more than 5 days prior to collection.

Book a collection

Preparing your hard waste for collection

We will not pick up loads that are more than 1 cubic metre or 1 standard trailer (6' x 4' x 18") load.

You can include:

  • whitegoods
  • evaporative coolers
  • furniture
  • hot water services
  • floor coverings
  • smaller items (placed in a box).

We will not collect:

  • commercial waste
  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • air conditioners (including split systems, box units and personal air conditioners, however they can be brought to the Waste Recovery Centre)
  • building materials (bricks, concrete, soil, timber fencing)
  • solar equipment including: photovoltaic panels, electrical inverters, batteries
  • glass
  • car parts
  • green waste (grass clippings and leaves)
  • paints and chemicals.

Dispose of waste the right way

Bundling branches for collection

To prepare your bundled branches, make sure they measure up to 150 cm long and are tied up into bundles that are no wider than 30 cm. Please use natural string to tie the bundles at both ends: wire or synthetic ties do not break down and could damage our machinery.

We will collect up to 12 bundles prepared this way: up to 2 cubic metres in volume. We will not pick up green waste such as grass clippings and leaves: it should be recycled into your green waste bin.

Contact us

If you need more information about our waste services, please contact Customer Service on 9490 4222 or