Domestic animal businesses

If you are thinking of starting a business that involves animals, you will need a Domestic Animal Business Permit. These businesses include:

  • pet shops
  • boarding services for cats or dogs
  • breeding and rearing cats and dogs
  • training or obedience classes for dogs
  • animal shelters.

Your business must comply with the relevant code of practice applicable to your business, which can be found on Animal Welfare Victoria.

Applying for a permit

Before you apply, we advise you to check with our Planning Department to find out if there are any controls over land use at the proposed location.

Before you are given a permit to operate your business, an officer will attend the premises and do a full inspection and audit, to ensure compliance with the relevant Code of Practice.

Each year we will send you a letter reminding you to renew your business registration by 10 April, and arranging a visit to inspect the premises. We are required to make sure that your business meets all requirements and so audit domestic animal businesses annually.

Contact us

To apply for an animal business permit and for more information, please call our Animal Management Team on phone 9490 4222.