Footpath trading

A permit is required for outdoor eating facilities, chairs and tables, the placement of goods or other items on footpaths, or the display of signs within Banyule.

Footpath trading policy

We encourage footpath trading activities that make our commercial areas busy, vibrant and viable.

Our Footpath Trading Policy(PDF, 469KB) explains how businesses can operate to leave footpaths clear, safe and unobstructed for pedestrians, including: 

  • the size, type and structural stability of stands used to display goods on the footpath
  • use of outdoor heaters, umbrellas or speakers
  • the number, size and type of style you can display for your business
  • barriers and planter boxes.


We have waived fees for some permit types to support small business operators in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apply for a footpath trading permit

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For more information contact us on 9490 4222.