Footpath trading: furniture, signs, displays of goods

A permit is required for outdoor eating facilities, chairs and tables, the placement of goods or other items, or the display of signs, on footpaths within Banyule City Council.

Apply for a permit

Footpath trading permit application(PDF, 285KB)

Pay the relevant fee:

  • Advertising sign (maximum 1) $200 per year
  • Chairs and tables (maximum 12 seats) $220 per year
  • Display of goods $270 per year
  • Itinerate trader $1,460 (per day)
  • Real estate advertising sign $570 per year.

You are required to supply a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance of $20 million.

Footpath trading policy

We encourage footpath trading activities that make our commercial areas busy, vibrant and viable. This policy explains how those businesses can operate in a way that leaves footpaths clear, safe and unobstructed for pedestrians.

This policy explains the restrictions, requirements and responsibilities of businesses trading on our footpaths. It includes:

  • the size, type and structural stability of stands used to display goods on the footpath
  • use of outdoor heaters, umbrellas or speakers
  • the number, size and type of style you can display for your business
  • barriers, planter boxes etc.

Read our Footpath Trading Policy(PDF, 469KB)

This permit is required by General Local Law No. 1 (2015).

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