Parking fines

Pay your fine

You can pay your fine online, by phone or in person.

Pay your fine

Payment plan

You may also be eligible to pay your parking fines in instalments.

Apply online or call us on 9058 6626 to ask about payment plans.

Request a payment plan

Review images

Check the details of your parking infringement.

Review your photos

Not the driver?

Let us know if you were not the driver.

If you are the registered owner of a car that has been issued a parking fine, but you were not the driver at the time, you can let us know the person responsible for the infringement notice.

 Nominate the responsible person(PDF, 390KB)

Contest a fine

You need to let us know that you wish to appeal a fine in writing, and before the payment due date.

We will not accept the following excuses. You:

  • did not see or misread the signs;
  • did not find an available car parking space;
  • parked illegally for a very short time;
  • were working, in a meeting or in an appointment that ran over time;
  • stopped to let a passenger in or out of or to make a quick delivery;
  • parked illegally to pick up or drop off a passenger with limited mobility;
  • are a trades person and parked illegally to have access to your tools;
  • are new to the area;
  • do not know the road rules e.g. no parking in a loading zone;
  • are a first-time parking offender;
  • ran out of petrol;
  • locked your keys in the car;
  • forgot to check the parking signs;
  • were in a hurry;
  • stopped to answer a phone call, or respond to a text;
  • are in financial difficulty (you may be eligible to pay in instalments); or
  • are a Banyule ratepayer or business owner.

You may contest a fine if:

  • you believe you did not commit the offence;
  • the parking signs were not present, not visible, or not clear;
  • the issuing officer made a mistake;
  • you were not the driver at the time of offence (you have to nominate a driver);
  • your personal situation means you couldn’t understand the signs at the time of the offence;
  • you found yourself in an exceptional circumstance, which was unforeseen and unpreventable;
  • you were homeless at the time of the offence; or
  • you were experiencing family violence at the time of the offence.

If your situation does not fall into these groups, you must pay the fine. We can only review a fine once.

Information we need to review your parking infringement

When you ask us to review your fine you have to write to us and provide us with the following information:

  • your full name and address
  • the infringement number
  • car registration number
  • why you think your infringement should be reviewed
  • documents that are proof of your situation at the time of the infringement.


If you experienced a mechanical breakdown, you will need to provide an invoice for mechanical/roadside assistance or towing. We won't consider cases where you were parked illegally before you broke down.

If you experienced a medical emergency, you will need to provide a letter from the hospital’s emergency department or treating medical practitioner confirming the emergency at time of offence. If you were not the patient, then a carers' certificate will be required.

How to request a review

You must ask for a review of your fine in writing. You can write us a letter, send us an email or fill out our form.

Request an infringement review

Note: requests for reviews are not accepted via social media.

You must include your current address and the grounds for review.

What happens next?

Once we receive your application for an infringement review, we have 90 days to review your information, the information of the parking officer and relevant rules and legislation. We will post you a letter advising you of our decision.

We may decide to:

  • confirm the decision to serve the infringement notice;
  • withdraw the infringement notice and serve an official warning;
  • withdraw the infringement notice;
  • withdraw the infringement notice and refer the matter to court (Magistrates or Children’s Court);
  • offer a payment plan.

If you do not agree with our decision, you may elect to have the matter heard in Court or apply for a Work and Development Permit (WDP) from Fines Victoria.