Tree management on our land

We have 60,000 street trees and 160,000 trees in our parks and reserves.

Our tree care and bushland crews work to keep trees safe and pest-free by pruning, removing dead trees and planting new ones.


We provide a 24-hour emergency service to remove public fallen trees, particularly during and following storms.

Let us know if a tree on our land has been damaged or needs attention.

Call 9490 4222 any time

Removal and pruning

You can ask us to prune or remove a tree from a nature strip, park or reserve.

We may prune or remove a tree if it is:

  • presenting a risk
  • dead and has minimal value as a habitat for wildlife
  • affected by a disease or pest
  • approved as part of a planning permit
  • to meet statutory requirements, for example power line clearing.

Trees that are an invasive pest species and are causing problems to an asset will be removed.

We probably won’t prune or remove a tree because it:

  • casts too much shade
  • inhibits the performance of solar panels
  • interferes with antennas
  • drops leaves, twigs or fruit
  • is considered too big
  • you don’t like the species or its location
  • to clear property.

Organise a tree inspection

Review process

If you're unhappy with our arborist’s decision about the tree in question, you can request a review. As part of the review we may ask an independent consultant to assess the tree. If you are still not happy with the outcome of the review, our Director of Assets and City Services will get involved.

If a tree is removed a replacement tree will usually be planted in the same position or in a nearby more suitable location.

Tree pruning around powerlines

We are obligated to ensure public safety at all times in relation to fire risk, human injury and continuity of supply resulting from contact between power lines and vegetation.

Our Electric Line Clearance Management Plan(PDF, 1MB) sets out in detail how we approach tree pruning around power lines.

Please refer to our line clearing pruning cycle(PDF, 586KB).

Trees on private property

If you are thinking about pruning a tree on your property find out more about tree removal permits.

Request a tree

We plant our street trees from March to September. We water them in the warmer months, but we appreciate residents helping to water and care for trees on their nature strip.

When we replace a tree, it may be a different species. We select tree species from our Urban Forest Strategic Plan.

Suggest a location to plant a tree