Kindergarten services

Kindergarten Open Day is on Saturday 26 February 2022. All Banyule kindergartens will be open from 9am to 12pm. Registration for 2023 3- and 4-year-old kindergarten opens 1 March 2022 from 8:30am. Registrations are date stamped, not time of day as well, so there is need to rush and register first thing in the morning.

Kindergarten (or preschool) is an early years play-based program for children before school.

In Victoria, children can attend 3-year-old and 4-year-old programs delivered by a qualified early childhood educator. All services are monitored by the Department of Education and Training to ensure all regulatory standards are maintained.

Benefits of kindergarten

Kindergarten is recommended for all children, as the experience provides opportunities for your child to learn in an environment that:

  • helps them develop language and listening skills;
  • improves their confidence and independence;
  • enhances physical and creative skills;
  • supports their desire to learn and discover;
  • increases their ability to work co-operatively with other children and adults;
  • helps them to develop social skills; and
  • aids their transition to school.

Choosing a kinder

There are 27 kindergartens in our community.

We directly manage Audrey Brooks Memorial Preschool and Olympic Village Preschool. All other kindergartens are either managed by an early years manager or a management committee.

Each kindergarten offers different programs and hours. Kindergarten Open Day is held on the last Saturday of February each year and is an opportunity to visit the kindergartens of interest.

You can also contact a kindergarten to arrange a visit.

View the kindergartens in Banyule

3-year-old kindergarten program

The Victorian Government is rolling out funding for 3-year-old kindergarten. 5 hours of funded 3-year-old-kindergarten will start from 2022 and increase to 15 hours a week by 2029.

As every child is different, we encourage you to carefully consider the year your child commences 3-year-old kindergarten. This may have an impact on the year they commence school.

Children are eligible to attend 3-year-old kindergarten if they turn 3 by 30 April in the year of attendance. Your child must have already turned 3 in order to commence kindergarten.

You will be able to register for 2022 3-year-old kindergarten here from 1 March 2021.

As 3-year-old kindergarten in 2021 is not funded, you need to contact the kindergarten of choice directly to register for their 2021 program.

As we manage Audrey Brooks Memorial Preschool, you can register your child into our 3-year-old kindergarten online.

Register now for a place at Audrey Brooks Memorial Preschool

Contact us

For more information about kindergarten, please contact our Early Years team on 9490 4222 or