Pet tag replacement

When your pet is first registered with us, your pet will receive a tag to attach on its collar. 
This tag helps us to quickly find the owners of pets that roam.

If the tag can't be read because it's damaged or it's gone missing, follow these steps to organise and replace it.

Your pet must be registered with us in order for a new pet tag to be issued.

Get started

Step 1.Be prepared

To request a new or replacement tag for your cat or dog make sure you've got:

  • Details about your pet handy, for instance the animal number
  • A credit card to make the $6.00 payment

Step 2.Submit a request

Request a new pet tag

Step 3.Processing your request

We'll take a look through the details and send out a new tag as soon as possible. With processing and allowing for delivery it will take approximately 2 weeks for your pets tag to arrive.

When looking through and processing your request we might need to contact you to double check details.

Faulty tag

If your pets tag is faulty, we might be able to replace it for you at no cost but we need to see it.

Step 1.Show us the faulty tag

Bring the tag in to show us at either:

  • Greensborough - Level 3, 1 Flintoff Street (above WaterMarc)
  • Ivanhoe - 275 Upper Heidelberg Road (inside the Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub)

Step 2.Processing your request

We'll take a look at it to determine if the replacement tag fee applies or not, and help you organise a replacement on the spot.