Public land manager consent request

Use this form to get consent before carrying out works on a property your group uses and Council owns. This is comparable to a tenant asking the landlord permission to carry out work.

Only use this form for property and facilities owned by Council.
No public land manager consent is required if Council is fully funding and managing the project.

By telling us about your projects as part of this form, we will:

  1. Consider the details
  2. Let you know if we need more clarification or more details
  3. Let you know the outcome - within 28 days, excluding time you need to prepare and submit extra details.

If your group is likely to carry out a series of works or projects for the same property over 12 months, complete this application form once with all details.

Before you start

To help you complete this form, there are important details that you need to be clear on and have on hand including:

  • Details about discussions with a Council officer and who you spoke to
  • Who will carry out works
  • Project details
  • Plans

If you do not have access to these, please contact our Property Services team on 9490 4222 or contact us to discuss alternative lodgement options.

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