Bin collection services

While we are protecting ourselves and others, let's also protect the environment! Bag all facemasks and face coverings before disposing in the garbage bin.
Bin collections are continuing as usual.

Collection services

Residents are provided with 3 waste collection services:

Find out about waste collection services for businesses.

Understand what to put in the bin: dispose of waste the right way

Help ensure your bin is emptied

You can help ensure that the truck can get to your bin by:

  • placing your bins near the kerb with the wheels nearest to the house
  • leaving 30 cm between your bins
  • keeping the bin clear of trees, poles or parked cars
  • making sure the bin lid closes (not overfilled)
  • group bins of the same type together (garbage, recycling, green waste).

If you live in a court put your bins on a straight part of the court.

Collection day for your street

On Anzac Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day, bins will be picked up the next day for the remainder of the week, for instance Friday will be Saturday.

NOTE: in the 2020 Community Calendar the Area A and Area B collection dates are incorrect.  Find your correct date below or refer to the 2020 replacement calendar(PDF, 129KB).

Bin day: which bin and when

Enter street address to find your collection dates

Report a missed bin

Contact customer service by calling 9490 4222 if your bin hasn't been emptied. Please don't phone before 1pm to report a missed bin: collection time can vary each week.

If you forget to place your bin out or it is not set on the roadside correctly it won't be emptied. The next opportunity to have it emptied is the next scheduled collection day.

Bin sizes

Each household is supplied with 3 wheelie bins:

  • garbage for landfill (green): an 80-litre or optional 120-litre bin
  • recycling (yellow lid): 240-litre bin
  • green waste (lime green lid): 120-litre or optional 240-litre bin.

If you ask for a larger bin you will be charged extra on your rates notice.

Bins belong to Council: you must leave them behind if you move.

Contact us

If you need more information about our waste services, please contact Customer Service on 9490 4222 or