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Council's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan outlines our commitment to and appreciation of Banyule's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Plan outlines how we work in partnership to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Banyule is proud of its diversity and believes that communities are better when all people, regardless of their background or identity are embraced and supported to participate and contribute.

Follow our guidelines when preparing quotes and invoices for Council to help make sure they are processed accurately and as quickly as possible.


Quotes must include:

  • a date of issue
  • an indication the document is a quote by clearly stating the word 'quote'
  • addressed to Banyule City Council, not the individual you have been dealing with
  • description of goods and services

Don't get caught out 

To make sure you're paid correctly and correct purchasing policy and practices are followed:

No early invoices

Do not issue an invoice until directed to do so.

Purchase orders are essential

Do not issue an invoice until you are provided with a purchase order number. 

Do not start providing services, carrying out works or supplying goods until you have received a purchase order number.


We will confirm our intention to proceed with a purchase of services, works and goods with a purchase order number.

When you receive a purchase order number, it means the relevant approvals have been obtained. 
Invoices will be sent back if a purchase order is not referenced and you will need to re-issue the invoice.

Invoices must include:

  • Your ABN, Australian Business Number
  • Don't have an ABN? Complete an ATO Statement by Supplier form.
  • a unique invoice number
  • amount
  • date of issue, do not use the same date as the quote
  • addressed to Banyule City Council, not the individual you have been dealing with
  • Not registered for GST? Make sure your invoice clearly states 'no GST charged'
  • an indication the document is an invoice by clearly stating the word 'invoice' 

Send invoices via email to and CC into the email the individual you've been dealing with.

Payment schedule

We pay invoices 30 days from the invoice date with payments made on a Wednesday.

Payment terms have been reduced to 5 business day for all suppliers until at least 31 December 2020 as part of our COVID-19 response.

Contact us

For more information about these guidelines, quotations and invoicing, contact our Accounts Payable team on 9490 4305.

At the end of each financial year we prepare an annual report. Our annual report measures our performance against the objectives outlined in the Council Plan, and is one of the ways we transparently report on what we do and how we stay accountable.

The annual reports listed are the 5 most recently published reports.


To review a historic version of our annual report not listed, email us your annual report request.

A Community Working Group, together with Council, set out 6 priority themes that outline the aspirations and focus of our community over the next 20 years. They are the backbone of the Banyule Community Vision 2041.

  1. Inclusive and connected community
  2. Sustainable environment
  3. Our well-built city
  4. Valued community assets and facilities
  5. Thriving local economy
  6. Trusted and responsive leadership

Working with our artists and communities to create public art that inspires, welcomes, builds identity and injects creativity into our spaces and places.

This policy articulates our commitment over the next five years to supporting, encouraging and investing in public art. It is a Council-wide approach that expresses our belief in the benefits of art in the public realm and provides guiding principles to support those undertaking to produce, create or stimulate public art in our community.

It addresses our role in public art in 3 key areas:

  1. Council-led acquisitions and programs
  2. community initiated projects
  3. private development and infrastructure projects

An action plan accompanies this policy that sets out the strategic activities to achieve the aims of the policy. This action plan will be reviewed annually. The policy will be reviewed in December 2024.

The Banyule Service Promise outlines our commitment to you on the type and level of service you can expect to receive. This regards your rights, how complaints will be handled, and our customer service principles. These principles form the foundation of customer service here at Banyule and inform how we build and deliver services, create processes and procedures, write policies, and support staff to deliver exceptional service.

Biodiversity can be defined simply as the diversity of living things. It can be measured on a genetic level (diversity of genes within a species); on a species level (number of different species); and at an ecosystem level (number of functioning habitat types of different successional stages and ecological vegetation classes). All three levels of biodiversity are intertwined and must be protected. This Biodiversity Plan provides an overview of Banyule's biodiversity assets and lists actions and indicators to justify, direct and monitor our management of biodiversity within the municipality.

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