Immunisation services

Sessions are continuing to run at all dates and locations. However, we are limiting the amount of clients entering the facility at any one time. Please be prepared for delays. We currently have a limited supply of paid flu immunisations for children aged 5+ years for $25 (payment by eftpos the day), and free for children 6 months to under 5 years of age and at risk groups. We cannot supply the vaccine to over 65s, contact your GP for further details.

All immunisation clinic staff will be wearing a Stage 3 restrictions face mask, as recommended by the Victoria Chief Health Officer. Wherever possible, you should too: any additional physical barrier to COVID-19 benefits our community.

We offer free vaccinations to help reduce the spread of infectious diseases in our community.

Babies, children, some adults and special risk groups receive some vaccines for free.

Find out more about who is eligible on the VicHealth site.

Protect yourself this flu season

We're running public flu shot sessions from April to August.

Anyone aged 6 months or older should get an annual flu shot.

For people over 65, contact your GP as we cannot administer the flu shot. 

By getting your flu shot, you’re not only protecting yourself. You’re also protecting young babies less than 6 months old and people who have low immunity who can't receive the shot.

Learn more about getting your shot

Meningococcal B (Bexsero)

From 1 July 2020, Meningococcal B vaccine is available for $130 at all of our public immunisation sessions for babies from 6 weeks of age. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children under 2 are funded to receive this vaccine.

Children under 2 should have paracetamol 30 minutes before receiving any dose (or as soon as possible after) due to the high risk of fever.

Catch-up vaccinations

Catching-up vaccinations can be complicated: rather than dropping in to a public immunisation session, please visit a Customer Service Centre to discuss your vaccination records and work out a program.

Contact us

For more information please contact the Banyule Council Health Department on 9457 9964 or email