Parking fines refund scheme

You may be eligible for a refund on a parking fine you have paid.

How it works

Step 1.Review

Check your personal records for any parking fines paid to Banyule Council.

Step 2.Check eligibility

Our parking fines refund scheme is available to people who meet 4 criteria:

  1. appealed a parking fine between 4 January 2017 and 6 March 2019
  2. had a fine reviewed and were directed to pay
  3. had a fine assessed and a decision made by our contractor
  4. eventually paid the fine in full.

Only the person who received the fine can get a refund (including late fees).

If you paid somebody else's fine, you cannot request to have that decision reviewed.

Step 3.Submit your request

Parking fine refund request

Step 4.Our response

Please allow for up to 90 days to respond to your request for review.

Step 5.Getting your refund

We will post you a letter with a bar code on it that can be taken to any Australia Post location to receive your cash refund.

Be sure to bring along photo identification.

Ineligible cases

You cannot get a refund if:

  • you requested a review before 4 January 2017 or after 6 March 2019
  • you did not appeal
  • you did not pay in full
  • your appeal had an outcome provided by an infringement or magistrate court
  • your fine was issue by a government or body other than Banyule Council

Time frame on affected fines

Since 2017, our parking enforcement contractor handled all the on-road patrols and administration support of the fines.

In May 2019 we modified our appeals assessment to remove any doubt about the legality of our process.

Since then, all decisions related to a fine appeal are only made by Banyule employees.