Councillors and their role

The main role of a Councillor is to:

  • determine policy
  • set objectives and strategic directions
  • ensure that Council services meet community needs
  • monitor the performance of the Council organisation.

A councillor does this by:

  • talking to the community
  • advocating for the whole community
  • having a working knowledge of large budgets and a complex organisation
  • understanding a diverse range of social, environmental, management and development issues.

Before starting the job, people who are elected to be councillors must do 3 things:

  • take the oath of office
  • read the Council’s Councillor Code of Conduct, and
  • agree to abide by the Council’s Councillor Code of Conduct.

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The current councillors

Councillor Code of Conduct

The Councillor Code of Conduct outlines what our mayor and councillors may and may not do as a Council representative. It covers various areas of professional conduct and details the standards of behaviour expected of councillors in their interactions with other councillors, Council staff and the public. It also explains procedures for dealing with conflicts that may occur.

Read the Banyule Councillor Code of Conduct or ask to see it at a Banyule Customer Service Centre.

Councillor Expense and Resource Policy

This policy guides how we reimburse out-of-pocket expenses for councillors and members of Council committees.

It sets out:

  • resources available to councillors to help them to do their job; and
  • reporting requirements: councillors must report on their attendance at any interstate or overseas conferences or visits.

Read the Banyule Councillor Expense and Resource Policy.