Elizabeth Nealy

Councillor: Beale ward

You can also contact Cr Elizabeth Nealy by post: PO Box 94 Greensborough Victoria 3088.

Please note: councillors cannot help you to get a permit, avoid a fine, or fast-track an application.

I am married with 2 children and have really enjoyed living in Beale Ward since moving here in 2014. I have been a secondary school teacher since 2003 and currently work at a local school. When I'm not teaching our bright young minds, I love getting outdoors, reading and playing team sports. With an economics degree and past experience serving as a councillor and mayor, I bring experience and knowledge to this role. I care about the diverse multicultural society we live in and I am committed to fostering opportunities for people of all age groups.

My vision for Banyule is that residents come first, and Council does all it can to support everyone on their journey - from infancy to becoming elderly - so that they can thrive. We must ensure community groups, local business and residents have access to continued support during and post-COVID-19. It is also important that people from all areas are connected, engaged and informed. Council needs to be effectively consulting the community, sharing information widely and providing opportunities for people to be involved in local projects, community events and decisions that affect them.

There are some key challenges for Banyule, particularly, recovering from the effects of COVID-19 and addressing the impacts of the North East Link on our local area. Council's focus must be on supporting all parts of the community to remain connected to groups and the services they rely on. Reviving the local economy, managing finances astutely, protecting our neighbourhood character and putting environmental sustainability at the forefront of what we do are some of the key priorities that will keep improving Banyule for years to come.