Alison Champion

Councillor: Sherbourne ward

You can also contact Cr Alison Champion by post: PO Box 94 Greensborough Victoria 3088.

Please note: councillors cannot help you to get a permit, avoid a fine, or fast-track an application.

I have lived in Montmorency for two decades, raising two boys in this beautiful area and enjoying the positive community spirit that makes this place so special. As my sons grew up, I have been active on school committees and been a keen supporter of their local basketball club. I currently work as a sales consultant for a local real estate agent, which has allowed me to learn a great deal about the area plus meet many of the people who call Banyule home. Previously, I worked in the vocational education and hospitality sectors, enjoying the human interaction which came with the jobs.

This is my 2nd term as councillor and my 1st representing the new Sherbourne Ward. During this time, what has become evident is the incredible collaboration we have at Banyule, among the councillors, staff and the community. This is a result of effective communication, consultation, networking, and a lot of hard work. While 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone to navigate, Council has remained focused on the goal of achieving positive outcomes for the community. In fact, this commitment has been magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic and we have provided more support and programs to help residents, community groups and local businesses through this time.

There are many local projects already in the pipeline and more coming down the track that will continue to enhance the area. I'm excited about the new Council, already connecting and working effectively to be an authentic powerful voice for its communities on the ground and to other levels of government. Onward and upward!