Mark Di Pasquale

Councillor: Bakewell ward

You can also contact Cr Mark Di Pasquale by post: PO Box 94 Greensborough Victoria 3088.

Please note: councillors cannot help you to get a permit, avoid a fine, or fast-track an application.

My family has grown up in Banyule and my eldest daughter will soon start high school. The time has flown over my first two terms as Bakewell Ward Councillor but the beauty and liveability of Banyule has never changed. Don't be surprised if you see me early in the morning running on a trail or walking our dog. On the weekend we camp, hike and go to the beach. Occasionally I'll ride around the bay or run a marathon. I have a great passion for the health field, which is why I am a chiropractor. The experience I gained over many years in my profession and volunteering for boards and committees inspired me to become a councillor and has equipped me to perform the role.

I am committed to leaving this land in a better state for my grandkids - and theirs. We need to make sure the 'ship' is steered in the right direction and Council and the community are headed in the same direction. I stand for sustainability, liveability and opportunity for everyone. Every decision must be made looking towards the future and not looking back. My top priority is that ratepayers get the maximum value for their rate dollar. This includes finding efficiencies and innovations that allow Council to deliver more for less.

A key challenge for Banyule is recovering from COVID-19. We will need to grow again socially, physically and mentally. Not to mention financially. Every household is doing it tough in one way or another and by working together we can overcome these challenges. Cooperation between the three levels of government is important to keep us moving forward. Council's finances must remain secure and sustainable into the long-term future and the way we care for our environment must look ahead to the next 50 to 100 years. If we keep a broad, long-term view we can take advantage of new technology and new ideas that will secure our future in more ways than one.