Better Score Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program

As part of our commitment to become a carbon neutral organisation, we also committed to supporting Banyule locals achieve carbon neutrality across the community. This is where our Better Score Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program can help.

We're offering to reimburse part of the costs to implement energy efficiency upgrades. These upgrades are any listed on the certificate received after a Home Energy Audit is carried out - either with our help or with an independent accredited assessor. The certificate is the Victorian Household Energy Efficiency Scorecard Certificate.

Energy efficiency upgrades eligible for funding need to be listed on the Scorecard for the property and can include:

  • lighting
  • hot water systems
  • heating/cooling
  • changes to the building shell
  • solar systems


Step 1.Get a scorecard assessment

Example scorecard certificate for a home.

Example of a Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard

Already have a scorecard certificate? Great, you can skip this step.

Alternatively, you can organise and pay for an independent accredited assessor to carry out an assessment and provide you with a scorecard certificate.

Step 2.Discuss audit result and upgrades

After an assessment is complete, make sure to discuss the results and upgrade options recommended with the assessor.

Step 3.Organise the upgrades

When it comes to the upgrades you're interested to pursue, do your homework.

Learn about what's available in the market, find trusted, licensed and accredited trades. Organise quotes, compare and choose what's right for you. 

Step 4.Pay their invoice

When you pay for the upgrades, make sure to keep a copy of the invoice for the works. 

You will need the invoice to apply for funding and get reimbursed up to 60% of the costs of works, up to the maximum available for the type of application.

Lodge an application for energy efficiency upgrade funding 

Step 5.Application outcome

We'll assess your application and if successful arrange payment of the reimbursement.

Step 6.Last step

The energy efficiency upgrades need to be formally recognised. To do this, a variation scorecard assessment of the property will need to be completed.

Variation assessments can be organised through our Home Energy Audit program (opening in financial year 2021-22) or by an independent accredited assessor you appoint.

After the assessment is complete, send us a copy of the latest scorecard certificate (variation assessment result).


Call our Community Energy Officer on 9455 8813 to discuss your upgrade project.