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On this page there are links to various permit applications. Please Contact Us if you are having difficulty finding what you need.


  • Apply for a Residential Parking Permit, Visitors Parking Permit or Disabled Parking Permit.
  • Boats, caravans, trailers, heavy or long vehicles (trucks, buses, etc) are not eligible for parking permits. Residents in certain new multi-unit developments also may not be eligible.

On Council land* - permission to carry out various activities and install/place various items

Apply for a Local Law Permit for:

  • Footpath Trading - A-frame advertising board on footpath, display of goods, or chairs and tables for outdoor eating
  • Burning Off
  • Excess Animal
  • On Council Land - Permission to carry out various activities
  • On Council Land - Permission to install or place various items
  • Temporary advertising sign (signs placed without a permit will be removed). Please note that signs on school fences or private property fall within separate planning controls - Contact Us for more information.
  • Skip Bin - bulk rubbish container
  • Shipping Container
  • Real Estate A-Frame - A-frame board for Open for Inspection or Auction 
  • Charity Bin - collection of recycled clothing and other unwanted goods
  • Busking
  • Itinerate Trading
  • Miscellaneous - permit per event 
  • Street stalls, information booths, and sausage sizzles by local community groups or recognised charity (not for an electoral party)

If you are considering hosting a street party, please Contact Us and speak with our Arts and Culture team.

Parking a private vehicle with a 'for sale' sign  in reserves or on road reservations is prohibited and no permit is available.

*Council land means land owned by Council or on roads and public land within Council's control.

Planning and Building

If you propose to use, develop or subdivide land you should discuss your proposal in detail with one of Banyule’s development planners, located at our Rosanna office. Early discussion will confirm whether permits are required and if so, what types of permits are required.

Never assume that what you intend to do is so minor that you won’t need a permit. Planning permits are usually required before you undertake any change of land use, whereas building permits generally relate only to the actual construction plans of a building or development. If a planning permit is required, it must be obtained before a building permit can be issued, although both applications can be made at the same time.

The Planning Forms page of our website provides all the applications required for:

  • Planning permits
  • Amending planning applications, permits and plans
  • Development plan approval
  • Subdivision
  • Extension of time to a planning permit
  • Change of land use
  • Requesting certain types of property information from Council, such as request information under Section 326 of the Building Regulations 2006

We highlight the importance of determining whether or not a planning permit is required. For example, the following installations on private property may require a planning permit:

  • Advertising signs
  • Satellite dishes
  • Illuminating a tennis court
  • Grey water systems (if they are classified as septic systems). 

Building Permits and Inspection
Banyule BPi is a well-established building permit provider, offering excellent service and competitive rates to our clients. Click here to find out more information regarding Banyule building permits and inspections.

Gardening and Landscaping

Various activities on private property may require planning permission, and this may include:

  • substantial vegetation pruning or removal
  • retaining walls
  • fencing
  • decking
  • concreting
  • excavation
  • installing permanent water features, large ponds or swimming pools

In Banyule, there are many controls regarding the retention of vegetation. To help determine whether a planning permit is required for removing or trimming trees and other vegetation, please Contact Us to discuss the type and health of the vegetation in question.

  • The Tree Removal and/or Pruning Application Form is on the Planning Forms page of our website.

Depending on the planning controls that affect your property, you may be required to obtain planning approval for 'works' which include simple paving or a patio. 'Works' can include any change to the natural or existing condition or topography of land including the removal, destruction or lopping of trees and the removal of vegetation or topsoil. This doesn’t mean you need a planning permit to dig a hole and plant a tree. Gardening is not considered as 'works' within our Planning Scheme and therefore does not require planning approval. However, “gardening” is limited to activities such as the cultivation of plants, and the minor pruning of vegetation for beautification purposes. It is recommended that if you are in an area with significant vegetation, landscape, environmental or heritage significance (this means that your property is covered by an Overlay Control under the Banyule Planning Scheme), you Contact Us to determine whether your proposal constitutes 'works'.

Operating a Business - may require a Planning Permit

  • If you are proposing to operate a new business, you may require a planning permit. Please Contact Us for more information. In particular, there may be a planning permit requirement due to proposed change of land use, e.g. residential to commercial use. Examples of businesses where this would apply may include use of a 'house' as premises for a medical centre, consulting rooms or veterinary clinic. In certain circumstances, if you are planning to operate a business from your own home, such as health and beauty services, you may require a planning permit.
  • Our Planning Department can provide guidance documents for proposed new accommodation businesses, such as Residential Aged Care Facilities or Accommodation and Shared Housing.
  • A planning permit from Council is required to operate a Licensed Premise, in addition to requirements under the Victorian Commision for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.
  • If you are operating a prescribed Accommodation business, this must be registered.

If you are a Shopkeeper or Real Estate Agent, also refer above to On Council land - permission to install or place various items

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