Chelsworth Park

Chelsworth Park landscape

This 11 hectare reserve is close to the Yarra River corridor. It has sporting fields, a shared walking/bicycle trail, indigenous river red gums and non-indigenous trees and shrubs.

Water harvesting

Banyule City Council recently did a major water treatment and saving project on this site.

Please read more about our integrated water management projects.

Flora and fauna

Chelsworth Park and nearby Wilson Reserve are good bird watching areas. Native Australian wildlife found in the area include the long-necked turtle, common brush-tailed possum, pacific black duck, chestnut teal, white-faced heron, superb fairy wren, bell miner and eastern yellow robin.

The reserve is in the Gippsland Plain bioregion, and has a floodplain riparian woodland – river red gum (terrace) vegetation community. It is managed by the Banyule Bushland Management Unit.

Community consultation

The reserve is owned by Banyule City Council, and leased and maintained by Ivanhoe Grammar School. A community reference group provides consulting advice to Council for maintenance and development of the reserve.

For community enquiries relating to the group, or to make contact with its members, please forward all correspondence via

Below is a list of members and who they represent:

  • Ivanhoe Cricket Club: Richard Drew
  • Old Ivanhoe Cricket Club: Damian Hense
  • Old Ivanhoe Soccer: Nicholas Karamanos
  • Ivanhoe City Soccer Club: Naz Mancini
  • Old Ivanhoe Football: Lawrence Tutton
  • Community representative: Stephen Vincent
  • Community representative: Bill Hopper


This reserve was once part of a dairy farm established by Patrick Stevenson in 1846. In 1930, Heidelberg Council took 57 acres of the Chelsworth Estate for park land and 2.5 acres for sport use.


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