Integrated water management

We have established one of the largest stormwater harvesting networks in Melbourne.

This $6 million project captures stormwater, filters out pollution and stores the stormwater underground for use in irrigating sports fields and open spaces, helping to keep them green all year round.

The Banyule Stormwater Harvesting Project

This work has been done by the Banyule Stormwater Harvesting Project.

Our stormwater practices and actions are listed in our Water Plan.

Water Plan(PDF, 8MB)

Project participants

Banyule Stormwater Harvesting Project is a unique partnership between Banyule City Council, state and federal governments and Ivanhoe Grammar School. The Australian Government supported this project through the National Urban Water and Desalination Plan, a key component of the Water for the Future initiative. The Victoria Government provided funding and Melbourne Water also provided funding through the Living Rivers Stormwater Program.