General Local Law No. 1 (2015)

General Law No. 1 (2015) is designed to protect public health, safety, or amenity in our municipality.

It achieves this by :

  • protecting public assets;
  • controlling activities associated with building and construction work;
  • providing for the safety of road users;
  • providing for the fair and equitable use of Council land;
  • prohibiting persons from damaging a municipal place;
  • providing for parking permits;
  • prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in a public place;
  • preserving and enhance the amenity, neighbourhood character, public health and public safety;
  • minimising the impact of animals on the community;
  • protecting the health and wellbeing of the community by regulating certain activities;
  • regulating the impact of business activity on the environment, public health and amenity;
  • providing for the safe and efficient collection of waste and hard waste;
  • designating alcohol free zones throughout Banyule.

Permits required

Under General Local Law No. 1 (2015), permits are required for all of the following activities:

Read the full General Local Law No. 1 (2015)(PDF, 802KB)

Read the the Footpath Trading Policy(PDF, 469KB)

Infringement notices

Council is authorised to issue infringement notices in accordance with General Local Law No. 1 (2015) and a number of State Acts and Regulations.

How to pay an infringement notice

How to contest an infringement notice

How to nominate a driver(PDF, 390KB)

Banyule Council has another Local Law: Governance Local Law No.2 (2015) that relates to the conduct of Council Meetings.