Waste Recovery Centre

Opening hours

Temporary opening hours:

  • weekdays: 7:30am to 3:30pm
  • Australia Day, 26 January: 7:30am to 12pm (midday)
  • weekends: closed

All visitors must register by QR-code on entry. Face masks are required.

Despite the ups and downs in the number of COVID-19 cases to date, we have continued to safely offer our waste management services. To continue to offer these services, we are temporarily adjusting the opening hours of the Waste Recovery Centre.

From the week starting 17 January to the week ending 13 February, the Waste Recovery Centre will be open Monday to Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

We have introduced these changes temporarily because of the significant transmission of COVID-19 and its impacts on our employees. We plan to return the Waste Recovery Centre to 7-day a week opening hours from 14 February.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Location and access

Corner of Waterdale Road and Banksia Street, Bellfield

Much more than a tip, the WRC is a place to bring your unwanted items for reuse, recycling or disposal.

Your load should be clean, sorted into groups, and ready to go.

Understand what you can drop off, what we won’t accept, and the restrictions on the size of your load.


Please ensure that your waste is sorted before arrival to help reduce customer wait time. If your waste products are not separated, you may be asked to leave and come back once your load is sorted.

Be aware that cardboard and e-waste disposal services are in high demand and may exceed capacity. You may need to return at a later time.

There have been changes to the layout to the WRC during closure. Our team members will let you know what has changed when you arrive.

Residents in Banyule requiring waste disposal can book a hard waste collection (subject to availability).

What you can bring

Bulk waste fees

All fees include GST.

Mixed loads are charged at most expensive rate. E-waste will only be accepted in residential quantities.

Vehicle or volume reference General waste Green waste Rubble
Car boot, rear compartment only
$40 $20 $80
Station wagon, rear compartment only
$60 $35 $120
4WD, rear compartment only
$75 $50 $150
Tray ute, level
$105 $50 $210
Bucket or heaped ute, excluding pick-up trucks
$130 $80 $260
Small level trailer, up to 6x4
$105 $50 $210
Small trailer, up to 8x5
$140 $70 $280
High sided trailer, up to 6x4 to 600mm
$150 $70
Level tandem trailer, up to 8x5
$220 $90
High sided or heaped tandem trailer, up to 8x5 to 600mm
$260 $115
Non-resident: Other / larger vehicles or volume, per tonne or m3 as estimated $295 tonne
$200 tonne
$295 tonne
Resident: Other / larger vehicles or volume, per tonne or m3 as estimated $295 tonne
$200 tonne
$295 tonne

Waste item based fees

All fees include GST.

Waste item Cost
Glass bottles and jars Free (household quantities only)
Cans (steel and aluminium) Free (household quantities only)
Juice and milk cartons Free (household quantities only)
Plastic containers (code 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Free (household quantities only)
Paper and cardboard Currently accepting
(Household quantities only, not accepted in trailers or vans, must be flattened at arrival.)
Used motor oil Currently accepting
Batteries (car, household and other vehicles) Free
Gas cylinders (BBQ) $10 up to 9kg, $15 over 9kg
Fluorescent lights Not currently accepting
Fire extinguishers $15
Paint Not currently accepting
Fridges and air-conditioners: domestic $35
Appliances and degassing: commercial $95 
Tyres: motorcycle $10 no rim or $10 with rim
Tyres: tractors $70 small or $85 large
Tyres: car $10 no rim or $15 with rim
Tyres: 4WD $15 no rim or $20 with rim
Tyres: trucks $25 no rim or $30 with rim
Mattresses $35
X-ray film Free

Dispose of waste the right way

Disposing of hazardous items

Household liquid waste or chemicals

We don’t accept cooking oil, chemicals, solvents such as paint thinners, fertilisers, insecticides, gardening chemicals, swimming pool chemicals and cleaning products.

Potentially dangerous household chemicals can be disposed through the Detox Your Home program.


We do not accept asbestos. To find out about its safe disposal, go to asbestos.vic.gov.au.

Contact us

If you need more information about our waste services, please contact Customer Service on 9490 4222 or enquiries@banyule.vic.gov.au