Climate action

We have 2 goals in relation to climate change:

  1. be a carbon neutral organisation without relying on offsets by 2028
  2. have a carbon neutral community by 2040.

In 2019 we declared a climate emergency. We have since released 2 plans to help us reach those goals.

What we have achieved

We are on the right track! We are already reducing our energy consumption and increasing use of renewable power.

We have:

  • upgraded building and street lighting to more efficient alternatives
  • installed solar power at many of our buildings, including WaterMarc and the Centre Ivanhoe
  • replaced our diesel delivery vans with electric alternatives.

In just 4 years, since the opening of WaterMarc, we have cut emissions from over 21,500 to 15,300 tonnes a year. When we have a clear plan where everyone contributes, rapid change can happen!

Find out more about what we have already achieved in the:

State of the Environment

Discussion videos

Community-led energy

We are getting community-led energy started in our community.

To help get ideas flowing locally, we talked with these community-led energy champions in other communities:

  • Taryn Lane, Hepburn Wind
  • Don Culvenor, Renewable Newstead
  • Nigel Hancock, Pingala

Electric homes

We have teamed up with RENEW and Banyule Clean Energy Group to bring you a discussion on the transition to all electric houses.

e-bikes Q&A

Watch a panel discussion in partnership with Darebin Council and learn about all things e-bikes.

Find out if e-bikes are your best transport option in uncertain times and more!

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