Climate action

On 10 December 2018, Council passed a resolution (CO2018/267)(PDF, 648KB) outlining 13 key focus areas for Council on climate change and:

  • recognising the need for urgent action and leadership to combat climate change
  • establishing a carbon neutrality target by 2028, without the purchase of offsets
  • endorsing a $5M Climate Action Package
  • requesting the identification of long term carbon abatement options
  • establishing new annual reporting requirements
  • requesting further investigation into how Council could support the community in working towards carbon neutrality.

Opportunities for your input into the draft Corporate Emissions Reduction Plan will be available during October, 2019.

Budgeting for The $5M Climate Action Package

Our Proposed Council Budget includes funding for:

  • additional solar across Council buildings and facilities;
  • energy efficiency enhancements across Council-owned buildings, such as double glazing or insulation;
  • increased fleet efficiency including electric vehicles and bikes;
  • the creation of 10 ‘green collar’ internships for the next 3 years in partnership with other agencies;
  • a businesses case(s) on long-term abatement initiatives for instance a solar farm, wind farm, energy retailing and power purchase agreements (PPAs);
  • an increase to the environment grant funds allocation over the next 2 years; and
  • a climate mitigation strategy using the C40 framework, an international climate action planning framework for cities.

Environment and sustainability indicators

Monitor our progress in combating climate change.