Pay planning infringement notice

Follow the steps to pay your infringement by phone. Alternatively pay using the other methods available. 

Pay by phone

Step 1.Be prepared

To pay there are details you need to have ready:

  • the infringement notice
  • a valid Visa or Mastercard

Step 2.Confirm the infringement number

To pay your infringement you will be asked to provide the infringement number.

You will find the infringement number in the top right corner of your infringement notice. We have highlighted in the following image, where you can find the number on your notice.

Circled, the infringement number appearing in the top right of the notice, found after the date issued. If you require further assistance in understanding your notice, please call us on:Area code (03) 9 4 9 0 4 2 2 2

Step 3.Process your payment

We can help process your payment over the phone when calling during business hours on 9490 4222.

Call us to pay the infringement

Other methods

In person at our

Customer service centres

By Mail

Post your cheque or money order to:

Banyule City Council
PO Box 94


If you have questions and need assistance, call us on 9490 4222.