Drainage and planning approvals

We ensure that drainage plans for proposed subdivisions and residential units is adequate, as part of our planning approval process.

Our Developments and Drainage team checks plans submitted by developers to ensure:

  • each property or unit is provided with proper drains to connect to
  • existing pipe systems can cater for the additional drainage connections. If not, provision must be made on the site to temporarily store stormwater so that the existing pipe system is not overloaded, which could cause flooding in heavy rain.

Apply for an approved (legal) point of discharge

To ensure that our stormwater system can keep up with drainage demand, we need to approve all connections into the existing network. You need to apply for a legal (approved) point of discharge for your development.

Lodge a legal point of discharge request

Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for us to complete this application.

Applicable fee $146.80

Apply to obtain flood level consent

Lodge a flood level request 

Please allow 20 working days for us to complete this application.

Applicable fee $294.70

Lodge a development stormwater drainage application

Your planning permit has been granted, and it includes stormwater drainage requirements. To demonstrate to us how these requirements will be met, you need to submit your stormwater drainage plans and computations.

Lodge a development stormwater drainage application

They must meet the Stormwater Requirements for New Developments(PDF, 557KB) and standard drawings.

Note: if PSD and SSR are not indicated in the notes, Tc and Tso values must be obtained prior to submitting stormwater drainage plans by contacting us - we will respond within 5 working days). Please allow 20 working days for us to review your application.

Applicable fee varies from $187 to $1081

Apply for works within a road reserve

Before approved drainage connection work can commence, you need to apply for either a Works Within Road Reserve permit or a similar permit for work done within an easement. This gives you our permission to work on our land and with our assets.

Once we receive the application it takes no more than 48 hours to approve. The applicant will be notified of the approval and fee by phone. The permit is valid for 28 days from the date of payment.

Works Within a Road Reserve Permit application(PDF, 62KB)

Drainage connection for easement only

If you are planning to connect to our drains or pits in an easement, then you will need to obtain a permit.

Drainage Connection (Easement only) application(PDF, 173KB)

Book your stormwater drainage inspection

When works are complete, we need to inspect them to ensure they are built to plan. To book an inspection call on 9457 9852 or civilworks@banyule.vic.gov.au. Please note, 24 hours notice must be given for all inspections.

Complete and submit a statement of compliance

The applicant’s design engineer is must complete and submit to our Planning Department a statement of compliance for drainage and paving works.

The assessment of the proposed stormwater drainage plans and computations includes:

  • internal drainage layout demonstrating drainage of the whole of the development site and connection to Council’s drainage network;
  • on-Site Stormwater Detention requirements (to ensure that post development stormwater flows are limited to pre-development levels); and
  • new outfall (Council) drainage within the road reserve or drainage easement (if required).