Apply for a parking permit

Not all addresses are eligible for parking permits. The year your building was constructed, its size and the parking restrictions in your street determine whether you can apply for a permit and how many you can get.

If your address is eligible you can apply for 2 residential and 2 visitor parking permits. You can apply for a parking permit online, in person.

Apply for or renew a parking permit. Apply for or renew a Disabled parking permit.

Boats, caravans, trailers and heavy or long vehicles (trucks, buses etc.) are not eligible for residential or visitor parking permits.

Permits expire on 31 July each year.

View our Parking Permit Policy for detailed information and parking locations. 

Permit costs (per year)

  • residential permit 1: free
  • residential permit 2: $30
  • visitor permit 1: $45 | $10 with proof of concession or associated with a disabled permit
  • visitor permit 2: $65

If you have a concession card or a disabled parking permit(PDF, 60KB), your first visitor permit will cost you $10.

How permits work

There are 74 parking areas in Banyule, and your permit entitles you to park in the time-restricted parking zones (1 hour or greater), in front of residential properties, in your parking permit area. Permits do not entitle you to park in zone such as paid parking, no stopping, no parking or clearways.

Residential permits are electronic and linked with your vehicle registration.

Visitor permits are a laminated holographic permit and must be displayed on the car dashboard.

Information you need for your parking permit application

When you apply for a permit you need to provide us with the following information:

  • your name and address
  • car registration number
  • documents that prove you reside at the property.

We need to see the following documents. This can be a photo from your smart phone:

  • Proof of your residential address. We accept:
    • car registration papers
    • driver’s licence
    • rates notice
    • lease agreement
    • utility bill
    • company vehicle letter
    • a copy of your concession card (pension card).

All information must show the applied address on the paperwork.

Using your permit

You can use your permit to park in front of a residential property only and in parking area nominated on the permit for longer than the time limitations on the signs in the permit area.

Permits are not valid in commercial areas or at parking meters or in ticket machine areas.

The issue of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space to the permit holder, nor does the permit allow the holder to contravene road rules. No exceptions will be made to any permit holder who parks in commercial, industrial areas.