Chelsworth Park sports field lighting project

Published on 30 September 2021

As part of our committment to sport and recreation locally, we're going to install lighting at sports fields in Chelsworth Park and James Reserve this financial year.

Aerial image of Chelsworth Park

We've noticed participation in sporting clubs grow locally, and at Chelsworth Park specifically Old Ivanhoe Soccer Club (OISC) have experienced 200% growth. This growth includes a number of newly created girls' teams.

With growing participation, we want to make sure clubs can make the most out of their home grounds and training facilities now, and into the future.

Project summary

Construction and installation of lighting the main soccer pitch at Chelsworth Park, Pitch 1.

  • 4 new galvanised steel lighting poles, 25 metres high
  • At the top of each lighting pole, 3 sets of LED lights, with a light level intensity of 100LUX 

Environmental considerations

We engaged Xylem TreeCare Pty Ltd to complete an ecological assessment of Chelsworth Park and the potential impact of lighting on habitat and fauna.

It concluded minimal risks and recommendations have been considered in this design.
For all the details, review the complete ecological assessment(PDF, 3MB).

Local sports field lighting installations

Browse this gallery of other recent local sports field lighting installations. All photos have been taken to show an aerial view of the sports fields and demonstrates in practice where and how we can control the lighting boundary.


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