Get involved in a council meeting

As Council elections in October have now been confirmed and called, no comments will be allowed which are considered to be electioneering, or attempting to influence the outcome of the elections.

You can participate in a Council meeting by:

  • requesting to speak
  • talking about a public submission
  • submitting a question to public question time
  • presenting a petition.

Requesting to speak

You can request to speak about any item listed on that meeting's agenda. We must receive your request to speak by 10am on the day of the meeting.

With metropolitan Melbourne currently in Stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions, your request to speak must be supported by a pre-recorded video and transcript until further notice. Your videos will be played before the related agenda item is considered.

On any topic, we limit speakers to 3 people for and 3 against any proposal before Council with speakers presented before Council considers the agenda item.

You may speak to up to 2 items on the agenda. You have 2 minutes to speak, and no summary is allowed. If your organisation wants to address Council, you should choose 1 spokesperson.

Request to speak form

Talking about your public submission

If you have made a public submission, and indicated in your submission that you would like to address Council in support of your submission, we will be in touch with the details of the meeting you should attend. You will be given 5 minutes to address Council on items that have been on public exhibition.

Submissions can be made about a proposed:

  • local law
  • new Council Plan
  • detail in the budget or revised budget
  • sale or exchange of land
  • lease of land by Council under certain conditions.

Submitting a question to public question time

At the end of each ordinary Council meeting, the public has an opportunity to ask questions. You can ask 1 question per meeting.

COVID-19 related temporary changes:
Questions and responses will only be provided in the meeting minutes and not read out during the meeting.

Due to the requirements of the caretaker period, we will not provide a full copy of the minutes until after the election. Public questions and the answers for the meeting on 21 September will be made available in the full copy of the minutes after the election.

You must submit your question by 12noon the Friday before a Council meeting.

Your question must not:

  • relate to a matter beyond or outside the Council’s powers;
  • repeat a question that has been answered (at this or a previous meeting);
  • relate to a matter listed on the agenda;
  • be deemed as defamatory, malicious, abusive or objectionable in language or substance;
  • be intended to embarrass a Councillor, officer or any member of the public;
  • relate to a matter that should be discussed at a meeting closed to the public; or
  • be service requests or operational requests for services that are managed via other channels.

Your question will be read out and answered. If you are not at the meeting, all questions and answers read at Council meetings will be published in the minutes and audio recording.

Submit a question

Presenting a petition

You can submit a petition to Council to request action or ask that action not be taken.

Your petition must be in writing and contain specific information. To understand how to write a petition that will be accepted, use our Petition and Joint Letter Guidelines.

When we receive your petition, we will contact you with the details of the meeting that will address the issues you raise. We will offer opportunity to submit a request to speak.

In order for a petition to be considered at the next available meeting, it must be submitted to Council by the following dates.

Council meeting date Date petition must be submitted by
3 February 2020 15 January 2020
24 February 2020 5 February 2020
16 March 2020 26 February 2020
6 April 2020 18 March 2020
27 April 2020 8 April 2020
4 May 2020 (special meeting) N/A
18 May 2020 29 April 2020
15 June 2020 27 May 2020
17 June 2020 (special meeting) NA
6 July 2020 17 June 2020
27 July 2020 8 July 2020
17 August 2020 29 July 2020
7 September 2020 19 August 2020
21 September 2020 2 September 2020
9 November 2020 (mayoral meeting) NA
23 November 2020 4 November 2020
14 December 2020 25 November 2020

Guidelines for speakers at council meetings

We will not accept any question or statement that appears to be derogatory, defamatory or personally embarrassing to any councillor, Council staff member, ratepayer or member of the public.

The Chairperson may disallow a comment, or ask a speaker to stop if a comment is repetitive, irrelevant or objectionable.

Attend a meeting

Council meetings are held on Monday evenings and are open to the public.

The meetings are held on level 4, 1 Flintoff Street, Greensborough in the in the Olympia, Ibbott and Hawdon rooms.

Find out how Council meetings work and what happened at past meetings.