Managing local pests and weeds

Weeds are plants in the wrong place, and can do a lot of harm.

Your role in managing weeds

You can help make our environment weed-free by:

  • not planting known weeds in your garden
  • learning to identify and control weeds
  • never dumping weeds or garden waste
  • replacing weeds with locally indigenous plants
  • educating family and friends about weeds
  • joining a friends of group and help to control weeds in bushland areas.

Identify local weeds: read our weeds brochure(PDF, 861KB) and our weeds in Banyule booklet(PDF, 8MB).

Our role in weed management

Control is the responsibility of different landowners – rail reserves, waterways, roads, private and public land – but we must work together to prevent the spread of weeds throughout our community. We work towards cost-effective weed control and prevention of their spread in public land.

Read our Weed Management Strategy(PDF, 3MB)

Controlling pests

Introduced species such as foxes, rabbits, Indian myna birds and the Queensland Fruit Fly are destructive and compete with local wildlife.

For more information about controlling pests and weeds, contact our Environment Officer at