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Heidelberg Structure Plan

Under Related Information you will find the following documents:

  • Guide to the Heidelberg Structure Plan
  • Heidelberg Structure Plan - for download in 5 parts (large document)
  • Municipal Model - Specifications for 3D Models


The Structure Plan for the Heidelberg Precinct was adopted by Council on 15 October 2007, and updated on 31 May 2010.

Work done to establish a vision and a plan and to progress changes for the Heidelberg Activity Centre are collectively known as "The Heidelberg Project". The Heidelberg Sustainable Community Hub Project at Burgundy Street was launched in 2009. Central to this project was a new signalised pedestrian crossing, the installation of wayfinding signage, upgrades to street furniture, and water sensitive urban design.


The Structure Plan, formally named the Heidelberg Major Activity Centre and Biomedical Alliance Precinct Specialised Activity Centre Structure Plan, was initiated by Banyule City Council in response to the Victorian Government’s Melbourne 2030 strategy. Heidelberg Precinct was identified as a preferred location for further higher density housing, retail and commercial uses and community facilities.

This Structure Plan supports growth to enhance liveability and sustainability in the Heidelberg Precinct and stimulate local economic and social activity. It also reconciles potential conflicts between land uses, allowing different components to complement one another. More specifically, it provides strategic direction and detailed recommendations to improve the identity of the precinct and its public realm, as well as better integrate public transport and pedestrian movement. The plan also describes a built-form that will accommodate future growth and strengthen the local economy.

The Structure Plan describes how future land use and development should occur around the Burgundy Street shops, hospitals and along part of Bell Street.

For Development Applications - 3D model of Heidelberg Precinct Activity Centre

Banyule City Council actively uses the Municipal Model, a 3D model of the municipality, to assist in the implementation of urban planning strategies. As part of this, all major town-planning applications for development are encouraged to provide a 3D model of their development.

We advise developers that Council has developed a 3 dimensional virtual reality model of the Heidelberg Precinct Activity Centre. This model was used to establish built-form guidelines that are given in the structure plan. Council's assessment of larger development proposals, includes supply of a digital model from the developer. This site model will help Council's assessment of a proposal against the structure plan's objectives and guidelines. More information about the 3D Model is available under Related Information.

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