Payment difficulties and getting a better offer

It may seem scary to call and talk with your energy retailer when you are having trouble paying your bills. Rest assured, there are Victorian Government rules in place that energy retailers must follow. They are obliged to listen.

The Essential Services Commission outlines your rights when paying gas and electricity bills.

Read the ESC fact sheet

Obligations of energy retailers

A retailer must:

  • check that you’re receiving the government concessions and grants you’re entitled to;
  • provide practical information on how to reduce your household energy consumption;
  • talk to you about outstanding payment options, e.g. extensions, payment plans, advance payment and arrears deferal; and
  • review your account and charges.

Victoria Default Offer

From July 2019, you'll notice messaging like 'could you save money on another plan?' on your energy bills. This is not a marketing ploy. The Victoria Default Offer is a new Victorian Government initiative: energy retailers are required to inform you if there is a cheaper energy plan available to you. Simply call and ask for the new offer.

Energy Victoria's tips for households

Shopping around

Shop around every 12 months to find out what is available on the market, and to have more negotiating power when you talk to your current energy retailer. Victorian Energy Compare is a government-run tool to help households compare electricity, gas and solar offers from all energy retailers, based on information about your household.

No contact information is required, and you will never get sales calls.

Making that call

Energy retailers are required to talk to you about needs-based payment options and tailored assistance. Do not hesitate to call.

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