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Waste Services: Rubbish and Recycling

Collection Services for Residents

Waste Collection

To find out which weeks are recycled waste pick ups and which are green waste pick ups click on the "In My Area" link under Related Information. Enter your address to view the waste pick up dates according to your area.

Collection services for Residents

We provide the following collection services for residents:

  • Household rubbish (garbage) is collected weekly
  • Recycling and green waste is collected fortnightly, on alternating weeks.
  • Residents can request two (pre-booked) collections per year for hard waste or bundled branches.
  • Household chemical waste is collected by the Detox Your Home program.

Three wheelie bins are supplied to residents:

  • an 80 litre bin for garbage or optional 120 litre bin (larger option at an additional charge)
  • a yellow lid 240 litre bin for recycling
  • a lime green lid 120 litre bin for green waste or optional 240 litre bin (larger option at an additional charge).

Each bin has a serial number that is recorded against the address of your property.

Bins are council property and you are not permitted to take them when you move.

When are household bins collected in your area?

For days and dates where you live, enter your address into the 'In your area' lookup tool, accessible under Related information.

Please note that any garbage, recycling or green waste collections on Anzac Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day will be picked up the following day

The map below provides an overview of different bin collection days across Banyule.

Recycling and green waste collection dates






 area B.JPG

 * Please note in some of the 2019 Community Calendars the Area B December 2019 collection dates were incorrect. The above calendar show the correct collection dates.


Missed collection, missing or damaged bin?

Please place your bins at the kerb no earlier than 3.00pm on the day before collection and take them back inside within 24 hours of collection.

If we missed collecting your bin or if your bin is missing or damaged, please call Customer Service on 9490 4222.


How to place your bins correctly on the kerb

Place your bins near the kerb with the wheels nearest to the house. Try and make sure trees, poles or parked cars do not obstruct them. If you live in a court put your bins on a straight part of the court. Please leave a minimum of 50 centimetres between your bins when you place them at the kerb. To prevent spillage, make sure your bins are not too full and the lid is closed properly.

Drawing showing the correct position to place bins in a court.

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