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Walking Your Dog

Dogs on lead/off lead

All dogs must be under effective control whilst off their owner’s property. To protect other people and your pet, dogs must be on lead on:

  • all streets, roads and car parks
  • or within 5 metres of a shared footway (bike and pedestrian path).

For health and safety reasons do not allow your dog or cat within 5 metres of children's playgrounds or public barbecues.  If you are using these areas and have brought your pet along, we suggest you restrain them nearby.

Exercise is an important part of being a dog owner and you are permitted to exercise your dog off lead in all parks except where restrictions have been imposed for environmental reasons such as near wetlands. Usually there are free running areas nearby. Dogs off lead in these free running areas must be under effective control of their owners. What this means is that the dog must be within clear and unobstructed view of its owner and it must return to its owner upon command.

Dog Friendly Parks

Council currently has four dog friendly parks located at:

  • Price Park, Lyon Road, Viewbank
  • Ford Park, Banksia Street, Bellfield
  • Malahang Reserve, Oriel Road, Heidelberg West
  • Malcolm Blair Reserve, Karingal Drive, Eltham

These parks have fully fenced off-lead exercise areas with park benches, dog waste bins and drinking fountains with attached dog bowls.

Special controls

Signs have been erected in those areas where special controls have been imposed. Reasons for restricting the activities of pets in these areas include:

  • wetlands provide important breeding habitat for water birds and native animals
  • river and billabong banks are fragile and can be trampled or eroded by dogs
  • seasonal birds visit our wetlands and dogs or cats may startle these shy visitors
  • ground-nesting birds such as Songlarks and Masked Lapwings are at risk from unrestricted pets
  • wetlands are habitat for native animals such as tortoises, lizards, snakes and frogs
  • as they move between trees or the ground possums and sugar gliders have been known to be killed by dogs
  • dogs and cats are at risk of being bitten by snakes
  • the smell of dogs and cat urine wards away native fauna such as kangaroos, wallabies and smaller marsupials.

Cleaning up after your dog

It is an offence not to clean up after your dog if it defecates while on the street or in the park. It is also an offence, under Council Local Law, not to carry or produce upon demand of an Authorised Officer the means of picking up and removing any faeces that may be deposited by the dog. To assist, Council has installed facilities in some parks within the municipality which allow you to dispose of your dog's droppings. Not all parks are equipped with dog poo bins so please ensure you dispose of your bags thoughtfully.

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