Objecting to a planning application

When we receive a planning application that may have an impact on surrounding neighbours or the broader community, we are required to undertake a public notification process or also known as advertising. This ensures that any interested people can find out more information and comment or object to the application.

Understanding the proposal

Make sure you understand what is proposed before you make an objection. You can find out more by viewing the application documents and plans. They are available during the period stated on the notice.

You can view the documents:

If you have any questions in relating to the proposal, you can ask the planning officer on duty or request to speak to the planner allocated to the application.

Commenting on a proposal

If you want to object to a planning application, you need to send it to us in writing by the date stated on the notice. If you are in favour of the application, we will accept your letter of support. Please include your contact details.

Common concerns include:

  • overshadowing
  • privacy or overlooking windows
  • noise associated with the proposed use
  • removal of significant trees from the neighbourhood
  • building scale and neighbourhood character
  • visual bulk.

We cannot consider the following concerns:

  • loss of property value
  • commercial competition
  • type of residents that will occupy new dwellings (tenants vs. owner/occupier)
  • too many units in the area
  • increased pollution from vehicles
  • asbestos is required to be removed by authorised demolition contractors.

Sending your comment or objection

  • by mail: PO Box 94, Greensborough VIC 3088
  • In person: 1 Flintoff Street, Greensborough

Object to a plan online

Please note: your objection cannot be treated as private or confidential. It will be made available publicly for viewing at Council’s offices and copies provided at request.

Lodging an objection: what happens next?

We will send you an email to confirm that we have received your objection.

We then inform the planning applicant of any objections. They can ask to view those documents before a decision or review date. We must provide copies of objections. Personal contact details of objectors such as phone numbers and email addresses will be redacted for privacy reasons.

As an objector, you may be invited to a planning consultation meeting together with any other objectors, the permit applicant, Council's planning officer and ward councillor.

When we make a decision, all objectors will be informed. If Council decides to grant a permit, a Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit will be issued and you will have the opportunity to appeal against the decision at VCAT. If Council refuses the application, the applicant can also appeal the decision at VCAT.