Ivanhoe seniors exercise park

Published on 10 December 2020

Ivanhoe Park Seniors Exerciser Park

Being active is important for your health at any age. So to cater for older adults, we've added another dimension to Ivanhoe Park by installing a new Seniors Exercise Park.

Adjacent to the new playground, the park offers a range of equipment specifically designed to improve the strength, balance, flexibility and mobility of older adults.

To show you the ropes, there are instructional signs at the park, plus you can also use your mobile phone to scan a QR code that will direct you to a website with instructions and videos.

We’re also planning some drop-in sessions in the new year where staff will be on hand to show you how to use the equipment. 

Ivanhoe Seniors Exercise Park
Ivanhoe Park
corner Wamba Rd and Lower Heidelberg Rd
Ivanhoe East

Register your interest and find out more.

Why use the Seniors Exercise Park?

  • Helps improve your balance, strength, functional movement, range of motion and mobility.
  • It has some unstable surfaces that challenge balance, and promote core strength.
  • It's a great way to socialise and have some fun in the outdoors.
  • And it's easy and free to use!

This project is in partnership with the National Ageing Research Institute and the State Trustees Foundation of Australia.

(Pictured above): Val and Vladimir from Viewbank giving the new equipment a try.

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