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Tree Removal

Throughout the municipality tree lopping and removal on private property may require permission by way of a permit. The need for permission could be due to one of two reasons:

  • The tree protection Overlay applicable on the land; and/or
  • Planning history that may exist over the property (e.g. a development that was permitted and has since built)

An Overlay is a planning control that applies to a property if identified on the relevant planning maps. The type of Overlay that applies determines the applicable tree protection (e.g. individually significant; Victorian native; achieves a minimum size; or a combination of these). The list below summarizes the various names of the Overlays that apply throughout the municipality and that can outline tree permit requirements:

  • Environmental Significance Overlay
  • Significant Landscape Overlay
  • Vegetation Protection

Should you wish to find out what planning Overlay(s) apply to a specific property within the municipality the Victorian Government department Landata have a useful website that allows for address based searching, though ensure that you obtain the Planning Property Report to review the Overlay information.

Planning history can also influence if you require a planning permit for tree works. Some of the reasons for this has to do with conditions of planning permits issued in the past or the approved plans associated with permits identifying trees for retention and protection.

It is highly recommended that you discuss your proposed tree removal or pruning works with the planning team on 9457 9808 to establish if a permit is required.

Removal and/or Lopping Independent of Buildings or Works (non-development sites)

The planning process for applications for tree removal of up to three trees on non-development sites and for tree pruning has been streamlined.

An on-site assessment of the trees will be undertaken by the Council arborist as part of the application process at no additional cost.

Removal and/or Lopping in conjunction with Buildings or Works (development sites)

Please note that if you propose to remove trees to allow the construction of a dwelling/s, an extension, shed, swimming pool or any other buildings and works, the site is considered to be a development site. Therefore, you will be required to provide your own arborist report to submit with your application.

Where more than three trees are proposed for removal (regardless of whether any development or redevelopment is proposed), the applicant is required to submit an independent arborist report.

You can lodge a tree permit application now. Applicable fee information is provided in Related Information above.

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