Numbers of animals you can keep

In Banyule, we limit which types of animals and how many of them you can keep.

Animal Maximum number







Pigeons and domestic birds


Guinea pigs


Domestic rabbits




If you want to keep extra animals, or goats, horses, roosters and other animals, you need a permit.

The permit helps us to ensure that our animals are well kept in sanitary conditions, and to avoid conditions that may be offensive or dangerous to health of people on surrounding properties.

Please make sure you microchip and register your dogs and cats with Council.

Applying for a permit to keep excess animals

To apply for a permit to keep excess animals or birds:

  1. complete the excess animal permit application form
  2. ask your immediate neighbours to sign their consent on the permit application
  3. send in the completed form with the $50 fee.

We will inspect your property to make sure it is suitable for the type and number of animals you want to keep. We will let you know if your application has been approved.

Excess Animal Permit Application(PDF, 363KB)

Renew your excess animals permit

Each year we will send you a letter reminding you to renew your permit by 1 June.

Renew your keeping excess animals permit.

This permit is required by General Local Law No. 1 (2015).

Contact us

For more information about which animals you can keep and your excess animal permit, contact our Local Laws team on 9490 4222.