Primary school program

Book your primary school group for this program about packaging, minimising waste and better recycling. Students will experience music and movement, interaction and a tour of a working recycling facility.

  • Maximum capacity: 115 students and supervisors
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Arrival: 9:30 am
  • Departure: 12 noon
  • Cost: Schools in Banyule: free. Other schools: $1204.50 per session (up to 100 students), $1634.25 (100+ students in back to back sessions)

Understanding packaging: Eco Wall

Students learn to identify used packaging by container type and material. We explain how that packaging was made, from extracting raw materials from the natural environment and the refining processes of each of the materials.

Recycle it Right performance by the Material Girls

This interactive musical theatre and game show examines the path of reusable or recyclable packaging from:

  1. purchase at your local supermarket
  2. collection by local government at kerbside
  3. material separation at a material recovery facility
  4. reprocessing at specialised reprocessing facilities.

Recycle it Right introduces students to the waste minimisation practices of avoiding, reducing, reusing and recycling. The show also includes an understanding of the composting process via song and movement.

Break for waste-free refreshment

We ask schools to supply fruit for their students (preferably bought in bulk with minimal packaging). No bottled beverages other than water are permitted. Weather permitting, this break can also take place on arrival before students enter the site.

Tour of our Material Recovery Facility

After we view the real recycling facility, we take a virtual tour. This presenter-led interactive electronic presentation explains how used packaging is sorted into material type by exploiting the physical differences between of each of the packaging types and the materials they are made from.

Note: For lower primary school students, performers use age-appropriate language.

Students tour our material recovery facility at work via elevated viewing balcony, and then return to our education room for a Q&A session about what they have seen.

Meet our performers

Centre location, map and where to park: find out about coming to the Rethink Centre.

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To discuss the content and cost of your session, please contact our Rethink Centre Coordinator on 9490 4532.