Meet our performers

Your waste education program is presented by our talented professional performers.

The Litter Sisters

The Litter Sisters use musical numbers and interactive vignettes to highlight litter prevention and the relationship between litter and our urban stormwater system. The Litter Sisters’ songs include:

  • Viva Less Litter
  • You’re The One That Can Help
  • Stray Litter Blues
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Bin It Instead.

The Material Girls

The Material Girls encourage people to maximise recycling when they are out and about and at home. Their repertoire of resource recovery songs include:

  • Living in a Material World
  • Simply Recycling
  • Compost stomp
  • Sustainability

The McCleans

The McCleans encourage participation in an interactive quiz show to highlight the problems resulting from rubbish dumping. They encourage residents to book hard rubbish collections and increase their understanding of local waste and resource recovery services.

Our performers are available for hire for your events.

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Talk to us about booking your waste education session: contact our Rethink Centre Coordinator on 9490 4532.