Rethink Centre waste education

About excursions: on-site visits to the Centre will be closed until January 2022. It requires necessary building works that means we cannot accept visitors until next year.

The Rethink Centre is a waste education initiative that will help you to rethink the waste you produce and where it goes.

Online sessions

'Understanding recycling: how a material recovery facility works' (60 minutes) is currently available for secondary school and adult groups.

Term 2 2021

  • 'The Litter Sisters Do Lunch' performance incursion for 4 year old Banyule preschool groups (25 minutes)
  • 'The Material Girls Recycle It Right Online' for primary school groups (45 minutes, online only)

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To discuss our programs, please contact our Rethink Centre Coordinator on 9490 4532.