Waste Wise Van school visits

Our Waste Wise Van can visit your school to teach students about waste minimisation activities at school and home. We offer programs that are suitable for Prep to Year 8 students.

All programs are free to schools in Banyule (some conditions apply).

We aim to make your students take responsibility for managing their waste by introducing the recycling, reusing, reducing and rethinking program.

Our aim is that students learn to respond to their surroundings, minimise waste at a personal level, how the community can contribute personally and at government levels.

Waste minimisation at your school

We can help you to minimise waste at your primary or secondary schools by:

  • auditing your school’s waste on-site before and after the program
  • working with you to create a Waste & Litter Minimisation Action plan
  • running teacher information sessions on our program
  • helping staff to design and implement a waste strategy
  • running student sessions on waste and litter minimisation
  • ongoing support and monitoring.

Contact us

To discuss a school visit, please contact customer service on 9490 4222.